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09 marca 2018

Woodcutters from Bukowiec, Rutkowski with his son and charcoal burners return in the third season of ’Przystanek Bieszczady’.
The documentary series, broadcasted by the discovery channel, exposes life of mountain people that has always been a challenge. The characters struggle with harsh autumn weather, biting wind, heavy rains and ubiquitous mud.

The first episode of the new season was shot at Villa Collis.
We greatly encourage anyone who has missed out on the pilot episode or is simply curious about everyday life and work in the Bieszczady Mountains to watch it at:

The third season features characters that have been around for months, including a team of the woodcutters from Bukowiec, the Rutkowskis who make a living by building log houses and zygmunt Furdygel accompanied by his fellow work mate Zbyszek. They both are charcoal burners who reveal details of this disappearing occupation. Several new faces will appear as well: loggers Krzysztof and Krystian Strzempkas, a charcoal burner Józef Zieliński along with Piotr Maścidło and Łukasz Piętoń who are serving the sentence in penal institution in Łupków. The prisoners hope to return to their families and readjust to normal life. People living in mountainous areas face huge challenges caused by severe autumn weather. Heavy machines stuck in deep mud, whipping rain and unexpected snowstorms are only a few reasons causing fatigue and frustration at work. And all these factors along with tight deadlines lead to inevitable conflicts between co-workers, especially when working with another family member...

The returning cast does not have to be particularly introduced, including Roman Markuc, Krzysiek, Przemek Bogacki and Cesiek.
They have been working together as woodcutters for more than 20 years.
Roman has to face another truly demanding challenge. He manages a group of several unusually stubborn woodcutters, including his own son Antek Markuc. Only Roman’s remarkable management skills allow him to provide a good-quality technical tree cutting and falling training in harsh conditions, extreme stress and exhaustion.

Woodcutting is considered to be one of the most difficult and dangerous occupations. That is why both Antek and Tomek Warzycki vel. ’Lisek’ (English: ‘a fox cub’), Go through numerous training sessions and exams. Although the latter has been working with Markus for several years so far, he already managed to earn recognition from the experienced woodcutters, who regard him as the most incredible talent among the loggers of the younger generation and the most outstanding logger in the whole region. ’Lisek’ loves the Bieszczady Mountains above all else and declares that he would never leave this place. Antek, on the contrary, shows neither much talent, nor a particular closeness to this region. Maybe that is why the father and his son do not get on well together.

Source: telemagazyn.pl

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