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20 maja 2018

We are pleased to welcome you to the official Facebook page of the Bieszczadzka Organisation for Animal Protection Foundation (Polish: Fundacja Bieszczadzkiej Organizacji Ochrony Zwierząt).
What do we do and why are we here?
We act for the benefit of animals living in our region. Our vision is to make positive changes in animal welfare and promoting animal protection education. Our mission is to improve living standards of domestic, breeeding and free-living animals. We are here to keep you up to date with the latest issues and initiatives of our Foundation.

Although the problem may seem trivial for many of you at first glance, it is becoming very serious and is apparent not only in the Bieszczady region, but also in the rest of Poland and other countries worldwide. The scale of the problem varies from country to country, yet it is equally important. We have already prepared a range of multiple projects and initiatives, including a helpline created to improve the information flow, a missing animals area, a modern animal shelter as well as free of charge educational activities, the behavioural training centre and many more.
We will keep you up to date with the development of current programmes on the fan page. Moreover, you will be informed in detail about the Foundation and its activities at www.booz.org.plwhich will be launched within a few days. Let us not forget about our supporters and express our appreciation to Krzysztof Kuncelman, who represents Villa Collis and is a Funder of the Foundation, as well as Bartosz Romowicz, a Mayor of the town and district of Ustrzyki. They have a wide knowledge and understanding of this alarming problem. We would like to thank them for their continual dedication to improving animal welfare and keep our fingers crossed for all the projects they hope to implement and develop.

We warmly welcome anyone who is no stranger to animal issues in the Bieszczady Mountains. Visit us at


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