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28 lutego 2018

Loggers from Bukowiec, Rutkowski with his son and charcoal burners return in the third season of ’Przystanek Bieszczady’. The documentary series, broadcasted by the discovery channel, exposures life of mountain people that has always been a challenge.
The characters struggle with harsh autumn weather, biting wind, heavy rains and ubiquitous mud. There will be several new characters and threads too-

one of them was shot at Villa Collis. www.villacollis.pl We greatly encourage you to watch the third season of ‘Przystanek Bieszczady’ that starts on 8th March.

People living in mountainous area face huge challenges caused by severe autumn weather. The new season shows not only real-life struggle but also the importance of family relationships that help to survive up against the unpredictable force of nature.

One of the most dangerous jobs in the world

The third season features fan favourites, including Roman Markuc, Krzysiek, Przemek Bogacki and Cesiek. They have been working together as loggers for more than 20 years. Roman has to face another truly demanding challenge. He manages a group of several unusually stubborn loggers, including his own son Antek Markuc. Only Roman’s remarkable management skills allow him to provide a good-quality technical tree cutting and falling training in harsh conditions, extreme stress and exhaustion. Woodcutting is considered to be one of the most dangerous occupations. That is why both Antek and Tomek Warzycki vel. ’Lisek’ (English: ‘a fox cub’) Go through numerous training sessions and exams…

Krzysztof Strzępka- one of the new faces appearing in this season, also knows how troublesome working with another family member is. He lives with his wife and son Krystian in Górzanka and knows almost every tree within his area like the back of his hand. No wonder, as he has been working here as a logger for over 20 years. Krzysztof strives to pass on his knowledge to his son. ‘Working as a logger is more dangerous than being a sapper,’ he says. This job certainly toughen men up, builds their resilience, stamina and a sense of responsibility. However, the generation gap between the father and his son becomes an obstacle in their cooperation.

Traditional charcoal burning

Unpredictable weather conditions affect lives of charcoal burners too. They have to meet deadlines, regardless of heavy rain or mud. The third season adds another new character- Józek Zieliński. This jolly and chatty resident of Łopienka and two former characters: Zygmunt Furdygel and Zbyszek Bisowski, do all they can to preserve the tradition of charcoal burning in the BieszczadyMountains. And by the way, don’t miss out on an extra episode and see this bygone, almost forgotten method using charcoal piles. Józek is so focused on his job, that he gets himself into a real tangle. He has promised his wife to retire but eventually carries on with charcoal burning. Will his spouse be able to forgive him and accept his choice?

‘Przystanek Bieszczady’ uncovers more than just a daily grind of people living in mountains, such as Rutkowskis, who make a living by building log houses or two prisoners who are serving sentences in penal institution in Łupków. There will be numerous thrilling and comic plot twists as well. The third season of ‘Przystanek Bieszczady’ starts on Thursday 8th March at 10 p.m.

Read more at: www.discoverychannel.pl

Source: Bieszczady.land

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