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23 czerwca 2018

Those who want to find their slice of silence and explore scenic secluded trails head to the south-eastern part of Poland. The Bieszczady Mountains are an idyllic all-year-round tourist attraction.

What is the best time to visit the Bieszczady Mountains?

It all depends on individual preferences. Those who feel fairly uncomfortable with silence and do not mind mountain trails getting decimated by so many people, should go on a trip in peak travel season. Due to the influence of the strong continental climate, the weather conditions from the end of July remains good and creates excellent circumstances to enjoy holidays in this marvellous region.

Leisure in the heart of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship
Those who prefer to feel free from external pressure and savour silence should avoid high season and go to the mountains In the early autumn. It is more likely to run into slightly smaller crowds then. When it comes to accommodation in the Bieszczady Mountains, here is a plethora of local hotels, resorts and mountain hostels available to rent. Just search the Internet, follow your nose and pick up the most suitable offer.

The most beautiful trails along the alpine meadows

The main reason why travellers are drawn to the Bieszczady Mountains every year are scenic landscapes, serenity and a vast system of trails. The most popular are those leading to the summit of Mt. Tarnica and begin at the village of Ustrzyki Górne. One of them leads through Szeroki Wierch, surrounded by magnificent views. The path weaves between the ridges and is quite challenging, yet worth the effort. Once hikerrs reach the summit, they are rewarded with the most beautiful views in the whole region. From here travellers may descend to the Bukowska Pass that leads through Krzemień, Halicz and Rozsypaniec.

The second trail starts at the village of Wołosate. It is slightly easier, shorter and thus more suitable for less experienced hikers. It also offers incredible views, regardless of the time of a year. The whole walk should take no more than 2.5 hours to reach the summit. Nature lovers may also take a walk along one of didactic paths.

Ubiquitous peace, the starry sky and the scenery of the Tatry peaks

The alpine meadows, known as polonynas (Polish: połoniny) in the Bieszczady Mountains offer stunningly amazing views of remote, over 130 km away from the trails, dramatic scenery of Tatry peaks rising high above the billows of clouds. This amazing phenomenon is the result of temperature inversion between mountains and valley locations during which cold air underlies warmer air and thus it makes for excellent visibility.

Plenty of tourists are lured by Lake Solina near the village of Polańczyk. This tourist attraction is a wonderful place for those who are passionate about sailing or windsurfing. It is the largest reservoir in Poland in terms of its volume and its shoreline is about 160 km long. Furthermore, Lake Solina is located in a quiet zone where using combustion engines is forbidden.

The ‘Bieszczady’ Dark Sky Park (Polish: Park Ciemnego Nieba ’Bieszczady’ )located in Lutowiska commune is a window of opportunities for both amateurs and astrophiles. It covers the overall area of the Bieszczadzki National Park and two adjacent landscape parks. It is one of the areas in Poland and Europe with the least artificial light pollution.

Source: TurystykaWP.PL

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