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triangle Wykwintne i zdrowe śniadania w formie bufetu, obiado-kolacja w restauracji Villa Collis lub w altanie grillowej (przystawka, zupa, danie główne, deser, woda, herbata, kawa)Luxurious bath any time of year with a view of the lake and forests

The only such swimming pool

26 September 2023
27 September 2023
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Fabulous atmosphere

Year-round swimming pool with many water attractions - massagers, counter-current, a jacuzzi, a wading pool and a beautiful terrace overlooking the lake and the forests. Diverse lighting, professional audio system, dimming. Pool size is 12 by 7 m with depth between 140 and 160 cm

Technology and attention to details

Ozonated water help minimize the level of chlorine and removes its smell. Apart from standard filtering, the water is disinfected with UV lamps which complements the traditional way of cleaning water with chlorine. Low level of chemicals reduces the risk of skin irritation. The floor and the walls are heated. Both the technology and the components used to build the pool as well as its decoration comply with the highest world standards.

A bath with a view of the lake and the forests

The swimming pool offers a tremendous view of endless green hills and the Solina lake. Resting in a jacuzzi one can admire the landscape as long as they desire. Direct entrance to the terrace with deck-chairs allows sunbathing accompanied with pure nature and bird singing. It is the only such swimming pool in Bieszczady.

Atmosphere and illumination

The swimming pool is equipped with soft, atmospheric lighting and the ceiling, thanks to built in 2000 diodes, resembles a star-lit sky. The lighting is adjustable to mood and atmosphere. It is possible to dim the pool completely even during the day

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