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26 listopada 2018

Let us present you with the ideas and objectives of the project:

The Bieszczadzka Fauna Conservation Park is a unique project aiming at creating the area that is a compromise between a traditional zoological garden and the animal clinic.

The park is assumed to house legally animals living in the Bieszczady Mountains, including those being under protection, i.a. wildcats, eagle owls, Ural owls, eagles, ravens and other bird species as well as lynxes, raccoon dogs, deer, wolves and even brown bears. The advantage of the project is the park’s site- its location at the heart of the Bieszczady Mountains creates living conditions almost identical to a natural habitat of wildlife. The project covers the area of 5ha that mainly features naturally wooden and variously shaped territories with natural streams. The entire project is being codeveloped by the qualified academic staff, the animal doctor, the Ustrzyki Dolne County Office, the Regional General Directorate for Environmental Protection in Rzeszów and the Bieszczadzka Organisation for Animal Protection. It is worth mentioning that such project has never been carried out in the Bieszczady Mountains, Podkarpackie Voivodship and even in the whole Poland.

The following are the main ideas to develop the Bieszczadzka Fauna Conservation Park:

1) creating living conditions for wild animals possibly identical to their natural habitat,
2) creating a wildlife sanctuary for wild animals that have survived various accidents, suffered from diseases or negative human impacts, such as animals that have been struck by
motor vehicles, rescued animals that have been trapped in snares, poisoned and injured animals,
3) providing specialised care and rehabilitation for animals, both aiming at reintroduction, in other words a release of recovered and self-reliant wild animals into their natural surroundings to be able to live in the wild,
4) providing living conditions in the park area for animals that are unable to be released back into the wild (e.g. because of living alongside humans for too long or having persistent injuries),
5) creating breeding conditions for future reintroduction of wild animals to enable their relocation to a natural environment, especially those in danger of going extinct, by implementing ’Born-To-Be-Free’ method (of Dr Andrzej Krzywiński),
6) enabling animals kept in remote zoos to return to the Bieszczady Mountains. Some of the animals, such as ’Cisna’- a bear kept in the zoo in Poznań or ’Przemyśl’ bear, who is kept in the zoo in Wrocław, had to leave their natural environment due to lack of special areas for housing them,
7) educational activities aiming at presenting the biology of endangered animals as well as a unique biodiversity of a mesoregion, its values, threats and ways to protect the environment across the Bieszczady Mountains.

Many helpless wild animals that have been found in the Bieszczady Mountains are currently separated from their natural environment. Some of them have been transferred to remote zoos, located even several hundred kilometres away from their natural home, only because there is no specialised place for keeping them. Our project intends to create such a secure area in the Bieszczady Mountains for these animals to live in.

More about the ‘Bieszczadzka Fauna Conservation Park’ project on the ‘Bieszczadzka Organisation for Animal Protection’ page: www.park.booz.org.pl/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parkochrony/

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