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05 lipca 2018

Koziel Leather Design: A way from a piece of cloth to Oryginal handmade accessories in Villa Collis

, We have already informed you about a variety of leather embellishments in Villa Collis. We have selected stylish key fobs and liqueur bottle cases so far and other innovative decor items are being neatly prepared now. In the meantime, let us tell you a story about the designer and her way from a snippet of cloth to Original handmade accessories.

‘It was a rainy Friday afternoon and as soon as I stepped inside the KOZIEL LEATHER DESIGN workshop and looked around, I was sure, that it was a studio of a real artisan.
The room was furnished with a large workbench, sewing machines and a sewing kit. What I could smell was a scent of beautiful new leather bags. By the way, I’m sure, that if you see them, you’ll certainly have the temptation to spend a fortune on them!
And now let me show you a bit of leather goods manufacturing world…

Urszula Koziel, the founder of a project and a designer, welcomed me with a warm smile and after a while, she told me about her adventure with design, passion for sewing and leather decorations.’

‘To be honest, it was a coincidence. I was growing up with my sewing machine. When I was a teenager, I was sewing bags, clothes and soft toys. At that time, I began experiencing health problems which forced me to give up my passion, so I chose another career path. I got an Administration degree and found a job. Well, it wasn’t a perfect match for leather industry, I’ll say! :)
When my Chronic kidney disease was progressing, I started thinking about my future and what I really wanted to do with my life. I came back to sewing. At first, I focused on items for children, such as soft toys, blankets, etc. but I realised that I wasn’t enthusiastic about them anymore. One day, when I was looking the Internet over, I came across DIY leather bags manufacturing video on YouTube and since then I’ve been deeply passionate about it (...)

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