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04 kwietnia 2018

‘‘Leave everything behind and go to the Bieszczady Mountains!’ - Everyone is familiar with this saying, regardless of whether they have already been to this magnificent region or are about to go there. I suppose that the majority of us hasn’t even thought about what lays behind these words... And putting everything in a nutshell, what I can say is that, among other things Villa Collis..."

These introductory lines open a review of the several-day stay at Villa Collis posted on www.abite.pl written by a blogger and the winner of the first edition of "Ugotowani", the reality TV cooking competition, broadcasted by TVN.
The blogger looks for places ideal to escape from dull routine. Together with the 2nd award winner of the BlogerChef, the prestigious competition for amateur chefs,

they visit around unique restaurants and review the services from the point of view of an ordinary consumer.
We greatly encourage you to read more about the review on the blog: Abite.pl

The direct link to the review:

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